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We provide grocery pick-up and delivery, prescription drug pick-up and delivery, and doctor appointments pick-up and drop-off in Birmingham, Alabama. Day or night we are here to provide you with safe & reliable services to all your scheduled appointments.

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Phone: (205) 671-1425

Happy Client Review

Thinking about my situation as I get older in some ways can be frightening. I have been fiercely independent all of my life and proud of what I have accomplished. I never ever thought that I would get old and the loss of my independence is somewhat daunting. No it's frightening.

My reality is that cancer is real and I had to have same day surgery. I want to thank Nancy & Stephanie for coming to my home and driving me to have my surgery. I have absolutely no memory of anything from the moment my anesthesia was administered until I was safely at home sitting in my den. Nancy was sitting with me to insure that I was safe. I think that the phrase "guardian angel" would be appropriate. I deeply appreciate the staff at Quick Trips. I love their phrase "Always a friendly face at my place!"

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Helping an Elderly Customer - Quick Trips & Prescription Runs

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Yes. Our driver will pick you up and deliver you door to door.

Quick Trips does not direct-bill insurance companies yet.

Reservations are secured by a credit card and patients can pay by card or cash at time of service. At this time, we do not accept check.

Same-day and future reservations can be made anytime. With Same-day service request, we do ask for at least a 2-hour notice. All reservations are subject to availability.

Yes. We allow and encourage one companion to ride with a client for free and we do not charge any extra fees for a second passenger.

Yes. Quick Trips does transport children w/ a legal guardian or signed consent from a legal guardian.

Quick Trips mainly operates within the Jefferson County Area. For every trip, there is a per-mile charge. If you’re traveling further than 30 miles one-way, there may be surcharge for the long-distance trip.

We strive to make our clients happy.

So, let's be happy together!

Helping Seniors in Alabama - Quick Trips and Prescription Runs in Birmingham, AL