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Quick Trip’s prides itself on delivering optimal quality-of-life assistance to all clients. We understand the importance of quality care and attention to detail. Both of these cornerstone traits will ensure your delivery services and your loved ones are guaranteed safe, friendly, and reliable non-emergency medical transportation.

Helping an Elderly Customer - Quick Trips & Prescription Runs

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Meet Stephanie

Stephanie was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama.

She graduated from Georgia State University in 2015. In May 2020, Stephanie received her Master of Social Work degree from Georgia State University as well.

Stephanie has been told on numerous occasions she has a “servant’s heart.” 

During her six years of living in Atlanta, she provided comprehensive case management by coordinating assessments, services, and referrals for children living full-time with their grandparents. She also served as a liaison for families, staff, and the community at a non-profit that provides education/mentorship for kids separated from their parents.

Recently, she returned to Birmingham in 2020 to become her beloved granddaddy’s caregiver. Since his transition to heaven, she now provides the same nurturing and care to her granny, while working full-time.

Stephanie’s foundation and loving relationship with all three of her grandparents have given her genuine love and dedication to this amazing yet sometimes overlooked population. Her passion is to help better people’s lives.

Honesty & Integrity

Being honest is being open, trustworthy and truthful. Integrity is standing up for what you believe is right and living by your highest values. We do that here.

Responsible & Professional

You can count on us. We are responsible & professional. With our knowledge of social work and our owner’s background, we are here for you.

Not Complicated - Simple to Book

With so many apps out there, booking appointments keep getting more and more complicated. We want to keep it easy. You can call, text or fill out our form!

Never Late & Always Punctual

Punctuality is very important to us. Your time and money are both important and with our services we will make sure that we are never late and always on time (or even early)!

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Helping Seniors in Alabama - Quick Trips and Prescription Runs in Birmingham, AL